A House to Let
A House to Let

Year of publication: 2000
Keywords: English fiction -- 19th century

A House to Let

Charles Dickens
Wilkie Collins
Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell
Adelaide Anne Procter

Classical prose

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A HOUSE TO LET by Charles Dickens, Wilkie Collins, Elizabeth Gaskell, Adelaide Ann Procter OVER THE WAY I had been living at Tunbridge Wells and nowhere else, going on for ten years, when my medical man—very clever in his profession, and the prettiest player I ever saw in my life of a hand at Long Whist, which was a noble and a princely game before Short was heard of—said to me, one day, as he sat feeling my pulse on the actual sofa which my poor dear sister Jane worked before her spine came on, and laid her on a board for fifteen months at a stretch—the most upright woman that ever lived—said to me, “What we want, ma’am, is a fillip.” “Good gracious, goodness gracious, Doctor Towers!” says I, quite startled at the man, for he was so christened himself: “don’t talk as if you were alluding to people’s names; but say what you mean.” “I mean, my dear ma’am, that we want a little change of air and scene.” “Bless the man!” said I; “does he mean...