The Prometheus Objective
The Prometheus Objective

Year of publication: 2018
Sequence of author: Morpheus initiative(№1)
Keywords: Adventure Historical Mystery; Thriller & Suspense Paranormal Psychics Supernatural Suspense Thriller Thrillers Thrillers & Suspense

The Prometheus Objective

David Sakmyster


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David Sakmyster The Prometheus Objective The Morpheus Initiative Series The Pharos Objective The Mongol Objective The Cydonia Objective The Tesla Objective Also By David Sakmyster: Jurassic Dead (three novels) Blindspots Escape Plans Final Solstice N.D.E. Crescent Lake Silver and Gold Twilight of the Fifth Sun Second Coming Returning Character List Caleb Crowe — Current leader of the Morpheus Initiative (now merged with the government black-ops Stargate Program). Reluctant psychic and former professor who had been drawn into his family’s obsessive quest for a fabled treasure beneath the legendary Pharos Lighthouse of Alexandria. Caleb discovered the truth about his father’s fate and the sacrifices he had made to ensure his son would be the one to find the hidden vault of knowledge, the books secreted away and protected — including the Emerald Tablet, an ancient artifact of immense power. Phoebe...