Nuclear Romance
Nuclear Romance

ISBN: 9781935073161
Year of publication: 2011

Nuclear Romance

Abby Luby


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Abby Luby NUCLEAR ROMANCE To environmental journalists who tackle the tough issues, and to grassroots groups who fight to change their world. Chapter 1 Jen Elery never knew exactly what killed her young daughter. The unexplained death of her seven-year-old fed a smoldering anguish. Doctors, frustrated with their own dizzying stream of improbable causes, were sure of one thing: the girl was sick to begin with, and her frail immune system weakened her fight against a strange virus or some kind of toxic substance. But what virus? What toxic substance? As the girl slipped into unconsciousness, Jen relentlessly grilled the doctors with questions: Figure this out, for God’s sake. Don’t let my little Kaylee die. After the crushing loss, the bereaved mother needed to believe it wasn’t her fault. She replayed the day of Kaylee’s sudden attack and the onset of a mysterious illness that ravaged the girl’s body. Jen’s recall stopped the action at...