The Underwater Ballroom Society
The Underwater Ballroom Society

ISBN: 9781370861972
Year of publication: 2018

The Underwater Ballroom Society

Laura Anne Gilman
Y S Lee
Stephanie Burgis
Tiffany Trent
Ysabeau S Wilce
Iona Datt Sharma
Jenny Moss
Cassandra Khaw
Shveta Thakrar
Patrick Samphire

Fantasy, Science fiction

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THE UNDERWATER BALLROOM SOCIETY Edited by TIFFANY TRENT AND STEPHANIE BURGIS Cover Design by Patrick Samphire INTRODUCTION: THE POWER OF WHAT IF by Tiffany Trent As science fiction and fantasy writers, the power of ‘what if’ is our stock in trade. But ‘what if’ means nothing if it’s not followed with ‘yes.’ It was years ago that I first heard the tragic (and quite Gothic) story of the underwater ballroom at Witley Park. The tale of Whitaker Wright and his fraudulent investment schemes in 1890s London is surely worth a novel in and of itself, but the estate he built (and abandoned) at Witley Park with its underwater ballroom has captured many imaginations. I had saved files and images of it, knowing I wanted to write a story about it someday, unsure quite how I would do it justice. Then, one day I saw my dear friend Stephanie Burgis talking about it on Twitter. “Wouldn’t it be great if…?” “What if…?” We asked each other what...

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