I Burn Paris
I Burn Paris

ISBN: 9788086264370
Year of publication: 2012

I Burn Paris

Bruno ński

Soren A Gauger
Marcin Piekoszewski

Classical prose

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Bruno Jasieński I BURN PARIS translated from the Polish by Soren A. Gauger and Marcin Piekoszewski To Comrade Tomasz Dąbal, a tireless soldier for the peasant-worker cause, I give this book, as a hand to clasp over the heads of Europe. Part 1 I It started with a minor, seemingly insignificant incident that was decidedly private in nature. One beautiful November evening, on the corner of Rue Vivienne and Boulevard Montmartre, Jeanette informed Pierre that she would most definitely be requiring a pair of evening slippers. They walked slowly, arm in arm, intermingling with that random and unsynchronized throng of extras cast by Europe’s rickety film projector onto the screen of Paris’s boulevards every evening. Pierre was gloomy and withdrawn. He had good reason. That very morning the foreman, measuring the hall of the factory with guttapercha steps, had stopped suddenly before his machine and, his eyes...