The Mahogany Ship
The Mahogany Ship

ISBN: 1523277092
Year of publication: 2015
Sequence of author: Sam reilly(№1)
Keywords: Action & Adventure Genre Fiction Literature & Fiction Maritime Adventure Sea Adventures Sea Stories

The Mahogany Ship

Christopher Cartwright

Thriller, Adventure

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Christopher Cartwright The Mahogany Ship This one’s for my children. Elise and Matthew, who are by far the greatest challenge and rewarding adventure of my life. Prologue Southern Ocean, December 22, 1812 Muttering a vicious oath, Jack Robertson threw up. Again. It was the most violent storm he’d endured since leaving England almost eight months earlier. The experience confirmed his vow that once he arrived at the settlement in Sydney Cove he’d never take to the sea again. The Emily Rose shuddered dramatically as her entire bow lifted, losing contact with the white frothy water. It dropped off the edge of an enormous wave, before the following one swamped the entire back deck. From below, Jack fell to the wooden floor hard. Then he vomited twice more before continuing to man the pumps. Jack worked on his assigned pump throughout the night and into the following morning. His eyes drifted downwards. He, among so many others, had...