The Cassidy Project
The Cassidy Project

ISBN: 9781541043398
Year of publication: 2016
Sequence of author: Sam reilly(№1)
Keywords: Action & Adventure Literature & Fiction Mystery; Thriller & Suspense Nazi Secrets Sea Adventures Suspense Thriller Thriller & Suspense Thrillers & Suspense

The Cassidy Project

Christopher Cartwright

Thriller, Adventure

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Christopher Cartwright The Cassidy Project Prologue Johnston Atoll, North Pacific Ocean — July 9, 1962 It was 9 seconds past 9 a.m. precisely — Greenwich Mean Time — when the Thor Rocket, carrying a W49 Nuclear Warhead exploded at an altitude of 250 miles. Robert Cassidy clicked the stop button on his pocket watch to record the time. In the sky above, an explosion which would later be recorded as reaching 1.44 megatons, erupted — sending an artificial aurora borealis of splendid colors across the North Pacific Ocean. Approximately 900 miles from the detonation point the city of Honolulu in Hawaii experienced the effects of the subsequent and powerful electromagnetic pulse. Approximately 300 streetlights went out in an instant and the island’s only microwave tower was destroyed. The strange events were followed by the eerie sound of the air raid siren, sending terror into the hearts of those who had survived the attack on Pearl Harbor over two...