The Nearest
The Nearest

Year of publication: 2018

The Nearest

Greg Egan

Detective science fiction, Science fiction, Story

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Greg Egan THE NEAREST 1 Kate heard a knock on the open door of her office, and looked up to see Anneke from dispatch, grimacing apologetically. “I’ve got a shocker for you, Sarge. Sorry.” Kate said, “Go ahead.” She’d been back from maternity leave for two weeks; she did not need a content warning for every case that was grimmer than the scenes of cavorting bunnies on her son’s nursery wallpaper. And after spending the morning reviewing a spike in missing persons that was probably just a meaningless statistical blip, she was ready to do anything to get away from her desk. “Three deceased: a father and two daughters. Mother’s location unknown.” Murder-suicide, with the fourth body yet to be found? Kate’s heart sank, but she kept her face expressionless. “Gunshot wounds?” “No, all stabbings.” Anneke hesitated. “The girls were young: five and six. If you want, I’ll ask Roma Street if we can hand this over to Petrie.” Kate shook...