Year of publication: 2018
Sequence of author: Cradle(№1)


Will Wight


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To my grandfather, the first William Lawrence Wight. 1934 - 2017 Thanks for lending me your awesome name. Copyright © 2018 Hidden Gnome Publishing All rights reserved. Cover Design by Patrick Foster Design ( Cover Illustration by Kevin Mazutinec Prologue Mu Enkai had been nothing before the egg. He was born a servant, following just enough of a fire Path to allow him to operate a furnace for a low-ranked refinery. He’d spent his days shoveling coals and choking in smoke, making barely enough scales to live on. Then the sky had turned red. He and his fellow servants had taken shelter in the cold furnace, huddling together for days before the earth stopped shaking and the air was no longer flooded with blood aura. When they emerged from hiding, shaking but alive, it had been waiting for him. The egg was a glossy, polished orb the size of a man’s head, waiting among the debris of the refiner’s shop. Unlike...

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