Armed in Her Fashion
Armed in Her Fashion

ISBN: 9781771484527
Year of publication: 2018

Armed in Her Fashion

Kate Heartfield


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Kate Heartfield ARMED IN HER FASHION For Xavier, who loves history. But tel me this: why hydestow, with sorwe, The keyes of thy cheste awey from me? It is my good as wel as thyn, pardee! —Chaucer, The Wife of Bath’s Tale CHAPTER ONE Margriet de Vos peered at a horizon smudged with the smoke of small fires. She cursed her weak eyes. She was too nearsighted to discern a figure against that dirty yellow sky, even had a figure chosen that moment to appear, so she scowled at that blasted, merciless horizon. It was not that she wanted Willem to return to Bruges, not exactly that. But she had a right to her husband, dead or alive. She had a right to his body, or the little money he earned through the work of that good-for-nothing body. If he was among the dead or captive or changed, she wanted to know. Three weeks now since the battle at Cassel, and so many of the men of Bruges were still among...

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