State Secrets
State Secrets

ISBN: 9781432719234
Year of publication: 2008
Keywords: Biological and Chemical Warfare History Military Novichok Russia and the Former Soviet Union

State Secrets

Vil S Mirzayanov

Chemistry, Biographies and Memoirs

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Vil S. Mirzayanov STATE SECRETS AN INSIDER’S CHRONICLE OF THE RUSSIAN CHEMICAL WEAPONS PROGRAM I am dedicating this book with love to my children Elena, Iskander and Sultan Introduction This book, while autobiographical and in many places entirely personal in character, is also a firsthand chronicle about the secrets of chemical weapons development in the Soviet Union and in Russia. I worked as a chemist for more than 26 years in the premier center for the development of chemical agents in the Soviet Union – GOSNIIOKhT (State Scientific Research Institute of Organic Chemistry and Technology), during its major developmental period and the pinnacle of its bloom. As an insider in the military chemical complex, I witnessed and participated actively in the laboratory research, development, testing and mass production of modern Russian chemical weapons. Like hundreds of other scientists, I gave my work my best effort, applying all of my energy...