War Cry
War Cry

ISBN: 9781250170163
Year of publication: 2018
Keywords: Action and Adventure Military

War Cry

Brian McClellan

Fantasy, Story

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Brian McClellan WAR CRY The war began before I was born, and for as long as I can remember, someone had been telling us it’s almost over. When I was a kid, sitting in the factories, using my smaller hands to help put together the engine components of our bombers, the radio crackled peace talks half a world away in Ven. I can still recall the newspapers and their inky headlines, when I was a teenager, promising us we were just months away from forcing the enemy’s surrender. And now? Now it’s their leaflets, dropped by the millions, coating every inch of our bombed-out cities and pitted wildernesses, telling us to give up because defeat is minutes away. On good days we use the leaflets for toilet paper or to start our cookfires. On bad days… on bad days each of us silently considers the offers of amnesty, sees the desperation in the eyes of our friends, and tries to remember the faces of the people we’re fighting for back home. It’s early morning as...

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