Blind Love
Blind Love

Year of publication: 2005
Keywords: Conspiracies -- Fiction Domestic fiction Ireland -- Fiction Married women -- Fiction Secret societies -- Fiction Suspense fiction

Blind Love

Wilkie Collins

Classical prose

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Blind Love by Wilkie Collins  PREFACE IN the month of August 1889, and in the middle of the seaside holiday, a message came to me from Wilkie Collins, then, though we hoped otherwise, on his death-bed. It was conveyed to me by Mr. A. P. Watt. He told me that his son had just come from Wilkie Collins: that they had been speaking of his novel, "Blind Love," then running in the Illustrated London News: that the novel was, unfortunately, unfinished: that he himself could not possibly finish it: and that he would be very glad, if I would finish it if I could find the time. And that if I could undertake this work he would send me his notes of the remainder. Wilkie Collins added these words: "If he has the time I think he will do it: we are both old hands at this work, and understand it, and he knows that I would do the same for him if he were in my place." Under the circumstances of the case, it was impossible to decline this request. I wrote to say...