Nebula Awards Showcase 2018
Nebula Awards Showcase 2018

ISBN: 9781633885042
Year of publication: 2018
Sequence of publisher: Nebula awards showcase

Nebula Awards Showcase 2018

Jane Yolen
Seanan McGuire
Charlie Jane Anders
Amal El-Mohtar
David D Levine
Fran Wilde
Alyssa Wong
Sarah Pinsker
A Merc Rustad
Caroline M Yoachim
Brooke Bolander
Barbara Krasnoff
Sam J Miller
Jason Sanford
Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam
William Ledbetter

Fantasy, Science fiction

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NEBULA AWARDS SHOWCASE 2018 Edited by Jane Yolen For the members of SFWA who had the bad grace to elect me twice to be their president. INTRODUCTION This was an odd year for the Nebulas. No, let me rephrase that because every year is an odd year for the Nebulas. Every year, some of the stories and books you and I voted for didn’t win or the ones you or I hadn’t been able to get into, even after multiple attempts, did. There was a challenge to a book’s authenticity or provenance. Sad people wanted to win Nebulas through intimidation or stealth. The odds-on favorite movie did a nose dive. You get the picture. Or someone you barely heard of was named the Grand Master. (Raises hand.) That’s why it seemed to me to be an exceptionally odd year. I was in my writing room supposedly—um—writing. The phone rang. Oddly enough, it was neither a cold call nor a warning from the Hatfield, MA, police chief about scams targeted at the...

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