The Final Frontier
The Final Frontier

ISBN: 9781597809399
Year of publication: 2018
Keywords: exploration human-alien encounters outer space

The Final Frontier

Peter Watts
Carrie Vaughn
Elizabeth Bear
Nancy Kress
Michael Swanwick
Kristine Kathryn Rusch
Michael Bishop
James Patrick Kelly
Gwyneth Jones
Genevieve Valentine
Greg Egan
Jay Lake
Tobias S Buckell
Ken Liu
An Owomoyela
Vandana Singh
Sean McMullen
Carter Scholz
Jack Skillingstead
Neil Clarke
Seth Dickinson
Julie Novakova

Space science fiction

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THE FINAL FRONTIER STORIES OF EXPLORING SPACE, COLONIZING THE UNIVERSE, AND FIRST CONTACT Edited by Neil Clarke For Johnny INTRODUCTION I consider this anthology to be a sister to Galactic Empires, which was published last year. During the preliminary reading for that project, I came across several great stories that weren’t quite right for the anthology, typically because the empire element was non-existent or too thin. As that list continued to grow, a theme began to develop around them: space exploration and discovery. If Galactic Empires was Star Wars, this anthology is all those standalone episodes of the various Star Trek series where they discover some new phenomena, make contact with a new species, or explore the remnants of some long forgotten race. Gene Roddenberry provided the perfect way to describe those stories in the opening of the original Star Trek back in 1966: Space: the final frontier. When the first episode...