Little Novels
Little Novels

Year of publication: 1999
Keywords: England -- Social life and customs -- 19th century -- Fiction

Little Novels

Wilkie Collins

Classical prose

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LITTLE NOVELS By Wilkie Collins  MRS. ZANT AND THE GHOST.  I. THE course of this narrative describes the return of a disembodied spirit to earth, and leads the reader on new and strange ground. Not in the obscurity of midnight, but in the searching light of day, did the supernatural influence assert itself. Neither revealed by a vision, nor announced by a voice, it reached mortal knowledge through the sense which is least easily self-deceived: the sense that feels. The record of this event will of necessity produce conflicting impressions. It will raise, in some minds, the doubt which reason asserts; it will invigorate, in other minds, the hope which faith justifies; and it will leave the terrible question of the destinies of man, where centuries of vain investigation have left it—in the dark. Having only undertaken in the present narrative to lead the way along a succession of events, the writer declines to follow modern...