Recce: Small Team Operations Behind Enemy Lines
Recce: Small Team Operations Behind Enemy Lines

ISBN: 9780624069447
Year of publication: 2015
Keywords: 51 Reconnaissance Commando Angola Bushmen elite soldiers Military History Military missions Operation Abduct Operation Angel Operation Caudad Operation Cerberus Operation Colosseum Operation Daisy Operation Killarney secret missions South African Army South African authors South African Border War Special Forces special forces training Terrorism

Recce: Small Team Operations Behind Enemy Lines

Koos Stadler

Biographies and Memoirs, Military history

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Koos Stadler SMALL TEAM MISSIONS BEHIND ENEMY LINES Dedicated to my father, Koos, who kindled the spirit of adventure in me, and my dearest wife, Karien, who had no option but to scale every cliff with me. About the layout The layout in this digital edition of Recce may differ from that of the printed version, depending on the settings on your reader. The layout displays optimally if you use the default setting on your reader. Readers can experiment with the settings to have the text displayed differently. Author’s note I HAVE WRITTEN this book to share something of the world I lived in for more than ten years of my twenty-four-year Special Forces career – the little-known world of the Small Team operator. For those ten years I specialised in reconnaissance. I breathed, ate and slept reconnaissance. The experience I gained with the recce wing of 31 Battalion from November 1978 to December 1981 shaped my character...