The Oyster Thief
The Oyster Thief

ISBN: 9781681777917
Year of publication: 2018

The Oyster Thief

Sonia Faruqi


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Sonia Faruqi The Oyster Thief To my husband, Aamer, and my parents, Shaista and Amin, for all their love and support PROLOGUE THE START OF A JOURNEYA MATERIALISTIC INVESTMENT BANKER Growing up, I seemed almost earmarked for the financial world, as I was both studious and materialistic. I was a small mass of seriousness—a little librarian—completing my assignments early and happily. I preferred class to recess, homework to hopscotch. In middle school, I would for hours paint still lifes—a bowl of apples or a vase of flowers—feeling that my own life was a still life—a cantaloupe compressed into a teacup. My core longed for more, mentally, materially. My wallet was wide enough to fill the well of my needs—food, school, shoes—but not the valley of my whims and wishes. I craved more clothes,...

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