The Wells Bequest
The Wells Bequest

ISBN: 9781101610619
Year of publication: 2013
Sequence of author: Grimm legacy(№1)

The Wells Bequest

Polly Shulman

Fantasy, Children's adventures

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Polly Shulman The Wells Bequest To David, Cyril, and Dee CHAPTER ONE How a Six-Inch-Tall Me Appeared in My Bedroom The Wednesday when the whole time-travel adventure began, I was fiddling with my game controller, trying to make the shoot button more sensitive. Wednesdays are my intense days. It was a Wednesday back when I took the test for Cooper Tech, where my big sister, Sofia, goes, and a Wednesday when I found out I didn’t get in. It was a Wednesday when I didn’t get into any of the other schools I was hoping for either and learned I would be going to my current school, the Manhattan Polytechnic Academy. Which means it was also a Wednesday when Sofia stopped calling Poly “Tech for Dummies” and started telling everybody that Poly kids are really very creative. It’s not just bad things that happen to me on Wednesdays, though. I was born on a Wednesday....

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