Some Trick
Some Trick

ISBN: 9780811227827
Year of publication: 2018
Keywords: Black Humor Short Stories (single author)

Some Trick

Helen Dewitt

Modern Prose, Humorous prose, Satire

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Helen DeWitt SOME TRICK THIRTEEN STORIES Here Is Somewhere If ever if ever a wiz there was The Wizard of Oz was one because Because because because because because ‘I have nothing to give you but that’s all right because Knowledge of lack is possession Recognised absence is presence Perceived emptiness plenitude. To have not And know it Is to have.’ Some trick. ‘True wisdom is knowing you don’t know.’ The Scarecrow hadn’t the brain to see through it. He bought it. ‘I don’t understand,’ he thought. ‘That’s my wisdom, that is.’ ‘What would you do with a heart but try not to hurt?’ The Tin Man hadn’t the heart to disappoint him. He thanked him. ‘I feel nothing,’ he thought. ‘But I wouldn’t hurt a Behaviourist.’ ‘Courage is not being fearless, it’s facing your fear.’ The Lion hadn’t...