Pilo Traveling Show Pilo Family Circus 2
Pilo Traveling Show (Pilo Family Circus #2)

ISBN: 9781630230081
Year of publication: 2015
Sequence of author: Pilo family circus(№1)
Keywords: clowns pilofamily willelliott

Pilo Traveling Show (Pilo Family Circus #2)

Will Elliott

Horror, Fantasy, Urban fantasy

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*** For Maya 1. ABOVE The reason Jamie moved away from the comfortable two-story brick nest he'd grown up in wasn't because a twenty-six-year-old ought not to still have his mother doing his laundry, cooking his meals, and chastising him for bedroom mess. In fact, those things (and even the same tired, ridiculous arguments replayed nightly between his parents), were an ideal tonic, with a sweet taste of normality. Comfortable, familiar. Stifling too, but so are bandages and splints. He'd been through something, something not normal at all, but that was almost all he knew. Whatever it had been, no one in the world would believe it possible, except maybe those locked in mental wards (who may well be right about what they themselves saw and heard, for all anyone really knew). Whatever Jamie had been through had been real, actually real. It had changed and injured him, made the world and its reality a much less certain picture. The...

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