That Tiny Life
That Tiny Life

ISBN: 9781487003661
Year of publication: 2018
Keywords: Short Stories

That Tiny Life

Erin Frances Fisher

Science fiction, Modern Prose

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Erin Frances Fisher THAT TINY LIFE We are survivors of immeasurable events, Flung upon some reach of land, Small, wet miracles without instructions, Only the imperative of change. Rebecca Elson, “Evolution” VALLEY FLOOR The sawbones squats, his satchel by his knees, his back to the cart and the mules and their feedbags. He runs his forefinger along the tourniquet above Roy’s knee, rubs the pus between his fingertips and thumb, sniffs the lot, and says he’s taking Roy’s leg. “Like shit you are,” I say. “What’s he left with it gone?” The sawbones pushes his specs up his disjointed nose and says that if he leaves the leg attached, Roy’ll be gone. Roy’s girl, just three, explores her mouth with her fingers. Her eyes big and gold as coins. She squats in the dirt in front of some thorny shrubs, a whelp in piss-stained trousers, the night growing fathomless above the hills behind her. Girl’s new with us....