Moon Flights
Moon Flights

ISBN: 9781597801102
Year of publication: 2008

Moon Flights

Elizabeth Moon

Fantasy, Science fiction

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Elizabeth Moon MOON FLIGHTS In memory of my grandfather, Edwin James Jamerson, who loved stories and storytelling and was a storyteller himself, of the cracker-barrel-and-whittlin’ school. Introduction by Anne McCaffrey What a treat! To write an introduction for a writer whom I hold in high esteem. All her books are on my “comfort shelves.” I think it was Bill Fawcett who first introduced me to Elizabeth Moon for her book, Sheepfarmer’s Daughter, the first volume of The Deed of Paksenarrion. Then, when I was looking for another collaborator to finish the Planet Pirates trilogy, I took him up on his suggestion of using EMoon—as she is respectfully known as in Dragonhold. Having read the first novel, I was certainly more than interested and she proved interested in writing Sassinak. With her background of service in the Marines—not that anyone regarding this tall slender woman with long black hair coiled on her pate would ever...