Into the Fire
Into the Fire

ISBN: 9781101887349
Year of publication: 2018
Sequence of author: Vatta's peace(№1)

Into the Fire

Elizabeth Moon

Science fiction, Space opera

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Elizabeth Moon INTO THE FIRE CHAPTER ONE SLOTTER KEY, PORT MAJOR DAY 1 Ky Vatta stood looking out the upper-floor window of the Vatta home in Port Major, just above the entrance. Below, she could see the brick walk bordered by low shrubs pruned into balls, the perfect green lawn, the white-painted palings and gate through which she and Rafe had entered a few hours before. A chill draft came off the window, reminding her that she was still in the beach clothes she’d put on before leaving Corleigh just that morning. If Stella and Helen hadn’t arrived on Corleigh yesterday, if she and Rafe had gotten back to the mainland when they planned, it would have been warm here, too. She could almost feel the elation of the previous morning as they packed to leave the island, planning to buy their own ship and leave Slotter Key together. Her fortune, they’d thought—her back pay, her savings banked on Cascadia, and the money Stella owed her for the...