Not One of Us
Not One of Us

ISBN: 9781597809573
Year of publication: 2018

Not One of Us

Ted Chiang
Nancy Kress
Michael Swanwick
Ian McDonald
Gregory Benford
James Patrick Kelly
Paul McAuley
Steve Rasnic Tem
Robert Reed
Molly Tanzer
Ken Liu
Carolyn Ives Gilman
Judith Berman
Cixin Liu
Kelly Robson
Naomi Kritzer
Caroline M Yoachim
Rich Larson
Neil Clarke
Alaya Dawn Johnson
Keffy R M Kehrli
A M Dellamonica

Science fiction

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NOT ONE OF US STORIES OF ALIENS ON EARTH Edited by Neil Clarke If you find a bit of yourself in these stories, this book is for you. Introduction Throughout the science fiction landscape, aliens have been used to illustrate our own best and worst traits, but from a distance that makes it more palatable than a closer look in the mirror. They are portrayed as invaders, refugees, saviors, observers, outsiders, opportunists, and sometimes as beings that barely notice our existence. Yet, outside of the stories, the idea that aliens are visiting Earth is pretty much consigned to conspiracy theories and myths. While many governments and private organizations have investigated claims and made contingencies for the possibility, we have no credible evidence to suggest that we have been visited by beings from other worlds. But how would we react if they did? What would they do? And why are they here? Our history is littered with...