ISBN: 9781633880986
Year of publication: 2015
Sequence of author: Superposition(№1)


David Walton

Science fiction, Techno thriller

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David Walton SUPERSYMMETRY To Karen My theory of everything PROLOGUE Jacob Kelley spent the last minutes of his life at a baseball game. He hadn’t been to Citizens Bank Park in years, not since his children were young, and he reveled in the vivid hue of the brightly lit Kentucky bluegrass, the low roar of the crowd, the squeak of hinged seats, and the smell of popcorn and beer. The stadium was aging now, no longer the sparkling novelty it had been in his youth. In the eighth inning, the Phillies took the lead with a three-run homer. With the best closer in the league warming up in the bullpen, the rest of the game wasn’t much more than a formality. Jacob considered leaving early to beat the traffic, but it wasn’t often he came out to a game. He wandered off to find a pretzel and a beer instead. It was strange to be alone. Baseball was a much different experience without kids along, chattering and begging for treats and poking...