The Genius Plague
The Genius Plague

ISBN: 9781633883437
Year of publication: 2017
Keywords: Action and Adventure Hard Science Fiction

The Genius Plague

David Walton

Science fiction, Adventure, Medical thriller

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David Walton THE GENIUS PLAGUE For Ruth WIKYS HBFFV RDHFF BUUYE PLVKR HWPQC MVSHB Life did not take over the globe by combat, but by networking. —Lynn Margulis, symbiotic evolutionist - In the Amazon rainforest, more kinds of plants and animals thrive than in the rest of the world combined. A single square kilometer can host over a million different species, each relying on its relationship with the others to survive. But the Amazon covers an area nearly the size of the contiguous United States, and much of it is still unexplored. A single creature dominates this ecosystem, a creature neither plant nor animal. It is new-grown, and yet it is old. Extending across thousands of acres of rainforest, it stretches through the soil, wrapping around the roots of trees. It has no central organ by which it can be killed. It branches and divides, its millions of microscopic tendrils transmitting information about moisture,...