The Simpleton
The Simpleton

ISBN: 9780997451467
Year of publication: 2016
Sequence of author: The simpleton(№1)

The Simpleton

Mark Wayne McGinnis

Science fiction, Space opera

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Mark Wayne McGinnis THE SIMPLETON …An Alien Encounter Prologue Cuddy Perkins stopped suddenly in his tracks and stared blankly at the tall line of trees before him. He tried to recall how he’d gotten there, but knew his forgetfulness was not out of the ordinary—nothing to be concerned about. He continued on, reveling in the enveloping coolness of the forest. He’d entered his favorite place in the whole world. A magical place. It made sense now—that he’d be here. He continued forward, allowing his hands to slide across the rough bark on two opposing stout tree trunks. Trees he neither knew the names of, nor particularly cared to know. Though he knew deep down he’d walked there many times before, still, something strange was going on. He turned his attention to his feet. As he stepped—first with his left foot, then with his right—he carefully watched his size 13 Keds. Yup… they felt funny. He made a face—tightened his lips while squeezing his eyelids...