Weight of Ashes
Weight of Ashes

Year of publication: 2018

Weight of Ashes

Rook Winters

Science fiction

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Rook Winters WEIGHT OF ASHES For my kids, who are awesome CHAPTER 1: COURT Court adjusted the position of his fingers on his mag gun. There was something in the trees ahead. Probably a deer. Too quiet for a moose, he thought. Moose would’ve been a nice treat. They’d eaten a lot of deer and feral dog lately. They’d be heroes if they brought back a moose. Beside him, he heard a hint of a wheeze in Walker’s breathing. His hay fever was bad this year. Court found it ironic that the kid was allergic to the outdoors given that his people had lived off these lands hundreds of years ago, before the expulsions, before grav tech, before electricity, before cities even. Court raised the gun and looked over the sight lines at the spot where experience told him the deer would come into view. He saw its head for a fraction of a second. A doe with her ears forward but not facing Court. Something else had her attention. Before he had time to react,...