Ninefox Gambit
Ninefox Gambit

Year of publication: 2016
Keywords: Science Fiction

Ninefox Gambit

Yoon Ha Lee

Science fiction

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Praise for Ninefox Gambit ‘Beautiful, brutal and full of the kind of off-hand inventiveness that the best SF trades in, Ninefox Gambit is an effortlessly accomplished SF novel. Yoon Ha Lee has arrived in spectacular fashion.’ – Alastair Reynolds ‘I love Yoon’s work! Ninefox Gambit is solidly and satisfyingly full of battles and political intrigue, in a beautifully built far-future that manages to be human and alien at the same time. It should be a treat for readers already familiar with Yoon’s excellent short fiction, and an extra treat for readers finding Yoon’s work for the first time.’ – Ann Leckie ‘Starship Troopers meets Apocalypse Now – and they’ve put Kurtz in charge... Mind-blistering military space opera, but with a density of ideas and strangeness that recalls the works of Hannu Rajaniemi, even Cordwainer Smith. An unmissable debut.’ – Stephen Baxter ‘A dizzying composite of military space opera and sheer poetry. Every word, name...