The Affair at Coulters
The Affair at Coulter's


The Affair at Coulter's

Ambrose Gwinnett Bierce

Classical prose

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The Affair at Coulter's by Ambrose Bierce “Do you think, colonel, that your brave Coulter would like to put one of his guns in here!” the general asked. He was apparently not altogether serious; it certainly did not seem a place where any artillerist, however brave, would like to put a gun. The colonel thought that possibly his division commander meant good-humouredly to intimate that Captain Coulter’s courage had been too highly extolled in a recent conversation between them. “General,” he replied warmly, “Coulter would like to put a gun anywhere within reach of those people,” with a motion of his hand in the direction of the enemy. “It is the only place,” said the general. He was serious, then.