ISBN: 9780765398338
Year of publication: 2017
Sequence of publisher: A original


Ramsey Shehadeh

Science fiction, Story

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Ramsey Shehadeh RED The yellow and blue detectives lay toppled between the dice: yellow on her back, gun pointed up at the sky, blue facedown on the sidewalk between the Library and the Jewelry Store. “Sorry guys,” said Ansel. “Good roll,” said his father, righting the figurines. Ansel moved his own detective—the green one, as usual—two spaces down the board, turned left, and then four more, into the pharmacy. It was roofless, like all the other buildings in the game. The pharmacist stood behind a counter, hands resting on the glass. He was drawn in an isometric three-quarters view: a mop of auburn hair, tinted glasses, silk shirt with wide lapels, suede red pants that flared at the ankles. Ansel played one of his Interrogate cards—Did you know the MISSING PERSON?—and then drew an Answer card from the Pharmacy’s stack. It said: Sure, I knew him. Great guy. He really liked to hang out in the LIBRARY. You might try asking the LIBRARIAN when...