MJ-12: Endgame
MJ-12: Endgame

ISBN: 9781597809719
Year of publication: 2018
Sequence of author: Majestic-12(№1)
Keywords: Area 51 Espionage Fantasy Fiction Historical Majestic 12 Paranormal Supernatural Thriller

MJ-12: Endgame

Michael J Martinez

Science fiction, Thriller

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Michael J. Martinez MJ-12: Endgame Books by Michael J. Martinez The Daedalus Series The Daedalus Incident The Enceladus Crisis The Venusian Gambit The Gravity of the Affair (novella) MAJESTIC-12 MJ-12: Inception MJ-12: Shadows MJ-12: Endgame Dedication This one’s for Sara. Thanks for believing. Author’s Note As with the other books in the MAJESTIC-12 series, this novel includes viewpoints and commentary in keeping with the early Cold War era of the setting. Thus, you’ll find characters dealing with casual sexism and racism here that may, at times, seem disquieting to the modern reader. This isn’t meant to endorse such views in any way — quite the opposite. These views are included to honor those who suffered through such shortsighted times, and to remind ourselves today of where we’ve been, and perhaps how far we have yet to go. Likewise, you’ll encounter historical figures who may...