Future Imperfect
Future Imperfect

Year of publication: 2018

Future Imperfect

John Moralee

Science fiction

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John Moralee FUTURE IMPERFECT A Collection of Science Fiction Stories Yellow Stars One night my sleep was disturbed by a thunderous boom. It rattled every window in my bedroom and sent my heart racing. I sat up, momentarily confused, my dreams swirling with reality in my head. For a second, I thought my mother was still there, taking me as a little girl for a long and sunny walk in the woods beyond our village. But then I remembered she had gone, and cold, hard reality slammed down. That joyous summer walk had happened twenty years ago. I no longer lived in a village—but in Dorado, the capital city of Arcadia, where I rented a studio apartment with my sister. In the darkness, my bed was shaking like a minor tremor had struck the building. A framed picture and some books toppled off a shelf. I sat up, pulling off my sheets as my bed stopped rocking and everything settled into silence. What had caused that boom? My room was too dark to see anything....