Golden State
Golden State

ISBN: 9780316505413
Year of publication: 2019
Keywords: dystopia

Golden State

Ben H Winters

Detective science fiction, Social science fiction

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Ben H. Winters GOLDEN STATE For Irwin Hyman who built the world he wanted to live in Disclaimer Digital Galley Edition This is uncorrected advance content collected for your reviewing convenience. Please check with publisher or refer to the finished product whenever you are excerpting or quoting in a review. Part One Future (n.), usually the future: the set of possible events which are neither happening nor have happened but which may happen, including those possible events which will happen, but which are not yet distinguishable from the far greater group which will not. [nota bene: avoid where possible]. —The Everyday Citizen’s Dictionary, 43rd edition, the Golden State Publishing Arm - Attestation: This is a novel. All of the words of it are true. The extraordinary events detailed herein were either experienced firsthand by the author or, when relayed second-...