The Law and the Lady
The Law and the Lady

Year of publication: 1999
Keywords: England -- Social life and customs -- 19th century -- Fiction Married people -- Fiction Mystery fiction

The Law and the Lady

Wilkie Collins

Classical prose

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THE LAW AND THE LADY by Wilkie Collins  NOTE: ADDRESSED TO THE READER. IN offering this book to you, I have no Preface to write. I have only to request that you will bear in mind certain established truths, which occasionally escape your memory when you are reading a work of fiction. Be pleased, then, to remember (First): That the actions of human beings are not invariably governed by the laws of pure reason. (Secondly): That we are by no means always in the habit of bestowing our love on the objects which are the most deserving of it, in the opinions of our friends. (Thirdly and Lastly): That Characters which may not have appeared, and Events which may not have taken place, within the limits of our own individual experience, may nevertheless be perfectly natural Characters and perfectly probable Events, for all that. Having said these few words, I have said all that seems to be necessary at the present time, in presenting my new Story to your...