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Sequence of author: The dragonriders of pern(№1)

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Anne McCaffrey


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Anne McCaffrey Weyr Search Anne McCaffrey is a lovely lady, and she writes the way she looks. This story, calculated to end the book on a romantic note, may contain a universe only Jack Vance, Andre Norton or Anne McCaffrey could have dreamed up, but the afflatus is that which only this dear lady is capable of providing. For all that, much modem writing is pretty dreary. This piece, though, serves to show that, as Dante noted in at least three places, at the end of everything there are always stars. If her husband won't punch me in the nose, I'd like to confess that I'm in love with her, and that I hope she writes at least a thousand more stories like this one, which was good enough to come in second for the Nebula in this category. This book needs das ewigweibliche to zieht uns hinan, and this is the place for the feminine spirit lo take over and tell Messrs. Bollard, Ellison, Wright, Delany, Leiber, Moorcock, (me?) the way a woman sees the Game we've been...

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