My Mothers Keeper
My Mother's Keeper


My Mother's Keeper

Barbara Callahan


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Barbara Callahan My Mother's Keeper Author Barbara Callahan told EQMM that this new story drew deeply from her Catholic background. “When I was a kid,” she says, “it was very easy to overhear the confession of the person on the other side of the priest, so I decided to do a ‘what if.’ What if a thirteen-year-old girl overheard someone confess to murder? I set the story in the fifties because this type of confessional, for the most part, doesn’t exist anymore.” Ms. Callahan currently lives and writes in New Jersey. I make very little noise when I go into or leave a place because I’ve had thirteen years of practice. No, maybe twelve. I didn’t fully walk until I was a year old. In my grandmother’s house, where mother and I have lived since 1947, I learned to be very, very quiet. If I giggled too loudly or danced with new shoes on the hardwood floors, Mother whispered, “Shush, Catherine, you’ll hurt Grandmother’s already hurting head.” Sometimes my noise hurt...