The Whisperer
The Whisperer

ISBN: 9781787300941
Year of publication: 2018
Sequence of author: Inspector konrad sejer(№1)

The Whisperer

Karin Fossum

Kari Dickson

Police detective, Thriller

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Karin Fossum The Whisperer Monsieur Ernest Coméliau Examining Magistrate 22 bis rue de Seine Paris (VII) Your Honour: I should like one man, just one, to understand me. And I would like that man to be you. We have spent many long hours together during all the weeks of the preliminary investigations. But at the time it was too soon. You were a judge, you were my judge, and I would have seemed to be trying to justify myself. But now you know, don’t you, it has nothing to do with that? Georges Simenon, Act of Passion, 1947 Chapter 1 She wasn’t beautiful, and she was of course perfectly aware of it. She moved timidly across the floor in the way that most shy women do, with an apologetic expression. With no desire to take up space, no hope of making an impression or being believed, or, for that matter, being taken seriously at all. For well over forty years the mirror had taunted her about this lack of beauty, and she had...