Random Walk: A Novel for a New Age
Random Walk: A Novel for a New Age

ISBN: 9780312930929
Year of publication: 1988

Random Walk: A Novel for a New Age

Lawrence Block

Fantasy, Prose, Self-cultivation

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Lawrence Block Random Walk: A Novel for a New Age Author's Note This book is about a walk, and it seems appropriate to acknowledge a debt of gratitude to some of the people who have provided valuable assistance along the way. I owe much to Thomas Mullane, Marilyn White, and Martin O’Farrell, three among many who taught me to follow the path a step at a time; to Sondra Ray, Fredric Lehrman, Leonard Orr, and Bob and Mallie Mandel, indispensable teachers; to Peter Russell, for The Global Brain, and Raphael, for The Starseed Transmissions; to Durchback Akuete, for his gift of spiritual empowerment; to Lloyd Youngblood and Danny Slomoff, for their example as powerful healers; to Mary Elizabeth Weber and Joan Pancoe, for timely guidance and channeled wisdom; and to Babaji. I am grateful, too, to William Smart and everyone at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, where the actual writing of this book took place. Finally, I owe more than I can ever...

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