The Dreamers
The Dreamers

ISBN: 9780812994162
Year of publication: 2019
Keywords: dystopia Young Adult

The Dreamers

Karen Thompson Walker

Science fiction

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Karen Thompson Walker THE DREAMERS That night, the blind man dreamt that he was blind. —JOSÉ SARAMAGO, BLINDNESS 1. At first, they blame the air. It’s an old idea, a poison in the ether, a danger carried in by the wind. A strange haze is seen drifting through town on that first night, the night the trouble begins. It arrives like weather, or like smoke, some say later, but no one can locate any fire. Some blame the drought, which has been bleeding away the lake for years, and browning the air with dust. Whatever this is, it comes over them quietly: a sudden drowsiness, a closing of the eyes. Most of the victims are found in their beds. But there are some who will tell you that this sickness is not entirely new, that its cousins have sometimes visited ours. In certain letters from earlier centuries, you may find the occasional reference—decades apart—to a strange kind of slumber, a mysterious, persistent sleep. ...

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