The War of the Flowers
The War of the Flowers

ISBN: 0742093166
Year of publication: 2003

The War of the Flowers

Williams Tad

Science fiction

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THE WAR OF THE FLOWERS Tad Williams DAW Books, Inc. DAW Book Collectors No. 1225. Microsoft LIT edition ISBN: 0-7420-9316-6 Adobe PDF edition ISBN: 0-7420-9318-2 Palm PDB edition ISBN: 0-7420-9319-0 MobiPocket edition ISBN: 0-7420-9317- This book is dedicated with great love to my wife, Deborah Beale, who makes my life worth living in more ways than I can count, let alone list here. A good marriage and a loving family may not be the easiest things in the world to create, but I find it hard to believe there is anything more worth the effort. It is a Great Adventure, and I share mine with a wonderful woman. Deb, you are my personal fairy-tale ending. This book didn't have quite as many midwives as some of my others, but it still wouldn't have made it into the world without a lot of help. I have again received support and useful feedback in too many ways to list from my wonderful agent Matt Bialer and my British editor Tim...

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