ISBN: 9781311041081
Year of publication: 2015
Keywords: afterlife communications army intelligence australian aborigines bases international affairs JFK assassination outback adventure postapocalyptic thriller secret government supernatural abilities scifi


Matt Eaton


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Matt Eaton BLANK “President Clinton asked me when I went over to Justice to find the answers to two questions — who killed JFK and are there UFOs.” Webb Hubbell, Friends in High Places One The chilled predawn light offered just enough illumination to negotiate Canberra’s streets without headlights, but the progress was slow. The sheer volume of domestic flotsam that had migrated from the abandoned yards of Yarralumla made driving a hazardous prospect. If the car broke down or a tyre punctured, Maxine Warrington might quickly find herself in danger and no-one would be rushing to her assistance. The physical risk didn’t particularly worry her. Of greater concern was the prospect of failure – a distinct possibility if she faced any major delay. She drove cautiously past the Chinese Embassy and was keenly aware of the armed guards manning the front gate. Being so far inland, Canberra had been untouched by the Flood, meaning many areas of the...