The Age of Miracles
The Age of Miracles

ISBN: 9780679644385
Year of publication: 2012

The Age of Miracles

Karen Thompson Walker

Science fiction, Young-adult fiction

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Karen Thompson Walker THE AGE OF MIRACLES Here in the last minutes, the very end of the world, someone’s tightening a screw thinner than an eyelash, someone with slim wrists is straightening flowers… “Another End of the World,” JAMES RICHARDSON 1 We didn’t notice right away. We couldn’t feel it. We did not sense at first the extra time, bulging from the smooth edge of each day like a tumor blooming beneath skin. We were distracted back then by weather and war. We had no interest in the turning of the earth. Bombs continued to explode on the streets of distant countries. Hurricanes came and went. Summer ended. A new school year began. The clocks ticked as usual. Seconds beaded into minutes. Minutes grew into hours. And there was nothing to suggest that those hours, too, weren’t still pooling into days, each the same fixed length known to every human being. But there were those who would later claim to have recognized the...

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