Soothsayer: Magic Is All Around Us
Soothsayer: Magic Is All Around Us

Year of publication: 2015
Sequence of author: Soothsayer(№1)
Keywords: Arthurian Fairy Tales Fantasy Literature & Fiction Mythology Mythology & Folk Tales Paranormal & Urban Science Fiction & Fantasy сказочная фантастика

Soothsayer: Magic Is All Around Us

Allison Sipe

Fantasy, Mystic

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SOOTHSAYER Magic is all around us ALLISON SIPE To Eric, Thank you for all your love and support. Without you Soothsayer would still be sitting on the shelf collecting dust. You and I are not the polite people that live in poems. We are blessed and cursed by our times. —Guinevere Prologue England, 1782 Utter darkness enveloped the world around us, the air thick with mist. I couldn’t see anything beyond my own feet. The trees rose up out of the ground like hands of the dead, cold and lifeless. The fallen leaves and sticks crackled under my boots like bones being snapped in two. A chill ran through my spine, leaving goose bumps on my flesh as I continued on behind my companions. No one said a word as we walked. The even breathing and footsteps of the men in front of me was the only indication I wasn’t...