Spires of Infinity
Spires of Infinity

Year of publication: 2011
Keywords: Action & Adventure Adventure Literature & Fiction Science Fiction Science Fiction & Fantasy

Spires of Infinity

Eric Allen

Science fiction

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Spires of Infinity By Eric Allen Prologue Of all the ways to die, Gabriel never expected to meet his end as a gory mess splattered across the front of a Greyhound bus. Of course, no one really plans on dying like that, except for a few very disturbed individuals. Most times, it just sort of happens. One moment Evanescence is blaring in your ears, and you’re thinking of the hot paralegal wearing an outfit millimeters away from being immodestly unprofessional, who let you rip her CD . . . biblically. And the next you’re flying through the air in bloody pieces. Roadkill, if you will. “Son of a—” was all he had time to utter before being hit by that nonstop Greyhound express straight to the afterlife. He would have liked to say that his life flashed before his eyes in an endearing montage with some sort of soft, yet powerful music playing in the background, tugging on the audience’s heartstrings....