Everyones Island
Everyone's Island

Year of publication: 2018

Everyone's Island

Kris Schnee

Science fiction

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Kris Schnee EVERYONE’S ISLAND The Cast • Garrett Fox: Would-be founder of a seastead. • Alexis: A botanist who abandoned a career path she disliked. • Maria “Tess” De Castille: A young handyman engineer fleeing a dismal school. • Zephyr: An experimental AI who didn’t want to be sold. • Martin: An investor looking for a project to work on personally. • Eaton: A blunt diplomat/soldier with a keen interest in the seastead. • Noah: A handyman raised amid hate, crime and stereotypes, who learned better. • Leda: Sanest member of a “Pilgrim” cult. PART ONE 1. Garrett Living on the ocean had made him feel alive, but now it might kill him. Garrett crouched in his inflated raft against hurricane winds. Somewhere nearby, his people needed help — if they weren’t dead already. Behind him floated Castor, the concrete island he’d worked so hard to build. Home. Twin lanterns hanging from the topdeck burned in...

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