Agent of Vega  Other Stories
Agent of Vega & Other Stories

ISBN: 0671318470
Year of publication: 2001

Agent of Vega & Other Stories

James H Schmitz

Science fiction

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Agent of Vega & Other Stories James H. Schmitz "That was an epiphany. . . ." Mercedes Lackey There's a commercial on cable stations lately that talks about moments of epiphany—moments when you understand something that changes your life. I've had at least one of those moments—and when it was over, my life had been changed forever. It was when, when I was eleven or thereabouts, I went looking in the living room for something to read. Now, in my house, books were everywhere and there was very little my brother and I were forbidden to read. We both had library cards as soon as we got past "Run, Spot, run," and by the time I was nine I was coming home with armloads of books every week and still running out of things to read before the week was over. By the time I was ten, I had special permission to take books out of the adult section—yes, in those dark days, you needed a permission slip from your parents to...

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