The Test
The Test

ISBN: 9781250312839
Year of publication: 2019

The Test

Sylvain Neuvel

Science fiction, Story

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Sylvain Neuvel THE TEST To kind people 1. THE LIFE IN THE UNITED KINGDOM TEST QUESTION 1: WHO IS THE PATRON SAINT OF WALES AND ON WHICH DATE IS HIS FEAST DAY? I know the answer! It’s Saint David, on March first. I met Tidir, my wife, on March first. It is our meeting anniversary. I remember that day. She came in for a root canal and I fell in love. Not with her—I didn’t know who she was and she didn’t exactly talk a lot with the mouth prop on. I fell in love with her teeth. She had striped canines. Horizontal discolouration of the enamel, right down the middle. Her teeth look like Neapolitan ice cream. Neapolitan cuspids. I knew right away. We met again in a café weeks later. I asked if I could sit with her, and she said yes. A month later, we were married. If you ask her why she married me, she’ll say she was in pain before she met me and I made it go away. I did fix her tooth. The rest of it runs deeper than I can reach....

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