The Adventures of Gravedigger, Volume One
The Adventures of Gravedigger, Volume One

ISBN: 9781483927633
Year of publication: 2013
Sequence of author: Gravedigger(№1)
Keywords: Pulp Fiction

The Adventures of Gravedigger, Volume One

Barry Reese


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Barry Reese The Adventures of Gravedigger, Volume One PROLOGUE Sovereign City, October 28, 1776 The Hessian spat out the blood that filled his mouth, hefting his saber for another attack. He was standing in ankle-deep mud, his uniform stained with grime and gore, and the men he faced were poorly trained Revolutionaries. Their main advantage was the fact that they knew the territory well but the Hessian also knew that a man fighting for his home and family was given extra strength and ferocity. The Hessian roared, stepping over the severed limb of one of his compatriots. He approached an opponent from behind, reaching around with his blade to slit the man’s throat so deeply that the head was only attached to the body by a thin strip of gristle. The rain had begun again and the roar of thunder, coupled with the sounds of battle all around, made it hard for the Hessian to focus. He dodged the thrust of a young man’s bayonet before finishing the...

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